Pfizer Thailand Foundation and Promoting Wellness Literacy

Pfizer Thailand Foundation and Promoting Wellness Literacy

On October 3 in the AMCHAM Citibank Boardroom, 25 attendees gathered to hear Amara Chunplang, Corporate and Public Affairs Lead for Pfizer Thailand, and Sasipa Jirasuktaveekul, Assistant CSR Managaer of Pfizer Thailand Foundation, speak on Pfizer’s CSR initiative in Promoting Wellness Literacy.  The Pfizer Thailand Foundation was a recipient of the Gold Status AMCHAM’s CSR Excellence (ACE) Award for 2018. Making them an excellent example for businesses looking to apply for the ACE awards in the future.

Amara and Sasipa highlighted the everyday community importance of their project, which effects the lives of many medical and pharmaceutical students studying in Thailand. Including that some of their award recipients reside in Cambodia and Laos as well. To date, Pzifer’s foundation has donated approximately 60 million baht to roughly 330 grantees. The project continues to expand, citing in 2018 Pfizer Thailand Foundation was able to support 43 students alone. The donations are distributed in the forms of scholarships or fellowships, which are renewable depending on strict conditions including satisfactory performance in medical or pharmaceutical school. In addition to this project, Pfizer Thailand Foundation spearheaded the Pfizer Healthy Aging Society initiative which focuses on pre-seniors; those between ages 45-59. Pfizer is also working to educate and provide legal guidance and advice to new medical practitioners in Thailand with the assistance of the Medical Association of Thailand.


Pfizer Thailand Foundation’s full presentation is available on the AMCHAM Member Portal.

A special thanks goes to the CSR Committee Co-chairs, John Da Silva and Scott Chang for coordinating this and other CSR events throughout the year. To read more about the ACE awards, please click here. To read more about the first People's Choice Awards for AMCHAM companies representing 10 consecutive years of CSR Excellence, please click here.

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