Promoting Ease of Doing Business in Thailand

AMCHAM advocates on behalf of members and collaborates with key Thai Government agencies to promote a robust business environment in the Kingdom and promote Thailand’s competitiveness at a regional and global level. 

Through AMCHAM’s advocacy-focused councils, we are able to address a broad variety of regulatory issues as they arise across different sectors. In recent years, we have engaged in dialogue with the government on emerging legislation on issues concerning digital legislation, sustainability initiatives, promotion of healthcare innovation, access to skilled labor, ease of customs clearance, corporate and excise tax regulation, and many other issues. 

Policy-Focused Councils

AMCHAM is dedicated to transparency in our government engagement activity. Our position papers and policy are developed through working group meetings, open to all members for participation. All policy positions taken forward through AMCHAM channels must represent a significant group of members and receive final approval from the Board of Governors. 

Building Collaborative Relationships

AMCHAM engages in frequent dialogue with the Royal Thai government organizing regular roundtable meetings as well as speaker engagements with key ministries and departments, typically 40-60 engagements per year.  

In addition, AMCHAM welcomes strategic alliances with other leading business organizations in Thailand and within the region on topics of shared concern. We work closely with the Foreign Chambers Alliance, the Thailand Board of Trade, the Thai Chamber of Commerce, the AmChams of the Asia Pacific as well as industry associations such as PREMA, BSA and the Phuket Hotels Association. 

Supporting an Informed Membership

Our members rely on AMCHAM to keep them updated on news and regulatory developments that affect their business. Our Friday news briefing email is a must-read for corporations who need to stay on top of current events and policy changes. With dedicated AMCHAM Government Affairs Specialists tracking specific ministries, our team is able to share updates on the latest public hearings for draft legislation so that members may attend or may alternatively read an English summary of selected hearings that our team is able to attend in person which is made available to members in the member info center online. 

U.S. Government Relations

AMCHAM works closely with the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok, frequently hosting US government official speakers at our monthly luncheons, signature events and virtual meetings.  

As a member of APCAC (Asia-Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce), we participate in the annual APCAC Washington Doorknock, where we meet with senators, representatives and high-level administration officials to discuss policy issues affecting American businesses in Asia. This collaboration underscores our commitment to fostering bilateral business relations and shared growth opportunities.