AMCHAM CSR Excellence Award

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a key pillar of ethical business. At AMCHAM, we are proud of what our member companies do to give back to Thailand and Thai society, making the business and social environment better for all of us.

To honor these efforts, AMCHAM awards CSR Recognition to companies that demonstrate an advanced understanding of the linkages between business operations and society, and conduct business in a way that creates long-term economic and social value. Our goal is to identify excellence, not just through individual projects or monetary contributions, but through good internal strategy and systems to support CSR and integrate it throughout the company's business practices. In 2019, 66 AMCHAM members received CSR Recognition status.  In addition, each year we grant a few Special Awards for exceptional individual projects that represent the best of CSR programming.

Throughout the year, our CSR Committee shares these best practices with the entire membership, providing support and resources for member companies who are developing or improving their CSR strategies.

Each November, in Thanksgiving week, AMCHAM hosts the AMCHAM CSR Excellence Award Gala Dinner to celebrate our award winners.


June 30:  Applications open
August 31:  Applications due 
September 30:  Applications scored, semi-finalists selected for special awards
October:  Special award applications due
October:  Special award finalists present to judging panels
November: AMCHAM CSR Excellence Awards 


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CSR Recognition

AMCHAM awards CSR Recognition each year to companies whose overall business practices meet a benchmark of CSR excellence. In addition, we recognize different tiers for companies who receive this award in consecutive years:

CSR Silver level: 3 consecutive years
CSR Gold level: 5 consecutive years
CSR Platinum level: 10 consecutive years

CSR Special Awards

Our CSR Special Awards honor individual projects that represent excellence in CSR programming. The 2021 special award categories are:

The Ambassador's Award
Given to a company whose CSR project supports U.S.-Thai partnership
♦ The Thai Development Award
Honoring a company for Covid-19 socio-economic resilience
The CSR Excellence Award
Power of Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion in the workplace and community


Special Awards Winners from 2020

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