In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the ACE Recognition program, AMCHAM is pleased to introduce our People’s Choice Awards. We have invited our first ever group of ACE platinum Candidates - companies who will have earned the ACE  Recognition Status for 10 consecutive years - to submit their favorite CSR project irrespective of scale, budget or focus. Winners will be decided by general vote by AMCHAM members.

AMCHAM People's Choice Awards Candidates

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are the People's Choice Awards candidates?

AMCHAM member companies who have won the AMCHAM CSR Excellence (ACE) Awards for 10 consecutive years (Platinum level) qualify as candidates for People's Choice Awards. This year we have 9 member companies- Chevron, Citibank, ExxonMobil, Glaxo Smith Kline, Grand Hyatt Erawan, Microsoft, Minor International, Seagate and WHA Group contesting for the PCA recognition.

How can I learn more about their projects?

You can read up about all CSR projects on AMCHAM's website and social media platforms. PCA candidates will be showcasing their projects at the AMCHAM Monthly Luncheon: Annual General Meeting on October 30. Members are encouraged to attend the event and meet the candidates in person to learn more about their CSR projects and to ask questions.

Who can vote for People's Choice Awards?

Voting is open to all AMCHAM members. Each company can sign up to 10 representatives, so potentially up to 10 votes.

How many candidates can I vote for?

We have two categories for project, based on project budget- you may vote for one candidate in each category.

How can I vote for my favorite People's Choice Awards candidate?

All AMCHAM representatives will receive a unique link to vote for their candidates for the People's Choice Awards. Member companies can now add up to 10 representatives for each company. Therefore, up to 10 representatives from each company can  vote for their favorite People's Choice Awards candidate.

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