American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand Foundation (ATF) Scholarship Program 

Every year, the American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand Foundation (ATF) selects deserving university students entering their second year of study to receive support for the remaining three years of their university degree.   

During the scholarship program, students also participate in activities and camps organized by ATF and AMCHAM Thailand members to help develop their career and life skills and gain exposure to professional environments and career possibilities. 

Over the last 30 years, the ATF has supported over 3,000 Thai students to complete their university degrees and realize their professional dreams. 

AMCHAM Scholarship Student Report


Who can Apply for an AMCHAM Scholarship?

Students applying for scholarship must be able to demonstrate the minimum requirements below: 

  • Financial need 
  • Cumulative GPAX of 2.8 or above 
  • English GPAX of 3.0 or above 
  • Good citizenship and character 
  • Three years of study to complete  
  • Not currently receiving other scholarships  

 If accepted to the scholarship program, the student must be able to commit to: 

  • 20 hours of community service per school year 
  • Maintaining cumulative GPAX of 2.8 or above, and 3.0 or above in English 
  • Participation in online AMCHAM events, Orientation Camps and Career Camps. 
  • Not receiving other scholarships  

How to Apply for an AMCHAM Scholarship?

To apply for the scholarship, the candidate must complete the following steps: 

Part 1: Complete the online application (link here) 

Part 2: Email the following required supporting documents to 

  1. One-page personal essay (download here) 
  2. Copies of national ID card and student ID with certified signatures 
  3. Certified university transcripts (for all universities attended) 
  4. Housing registration with student and parents' names displayed 
  5. Copy of parent(s)’ national ID card  
  6. Three (3) letters of recommendation from teachers, counselors, class leaders, or lecturers (download sample form here) 
  7. Sample Letter of Guarantee of Family Income/Self-Employed.  (download form and instructions here). 


May 11:  Applications open
August 31: Applications close
November 15: Successful applicants will be posted here