Inspire Inclusion

Inspire Inclusion – Mar 5

Inspire Inclusion 

Speakers: Prae Piromya of Id8; Narisa Chauvidal-Aw of KogoPAY Group; Simon Denye of Harmless Harvest, Alicja Cybulska of Havas Group APAC, and Uracha R. Ruktanonchai of National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) 

Moderator: AMCHAM Woman Committee Co-Chair Lena NG of AMATA 

Organized by: AMCHAM Woman Committee   

For International Women's Day 2024, AMCHAM Women hosted a panel event on embracing inclusion, diversity, and equity within corporations. Panelists discussed breaking gender and cultural barriers in corporate leadership, fostering fair workplaces, and enhancing intercultural relationships. 

Speakers from various industries, including energy, fintech, sustainability, investment, STEM, and advertising, discussed Thailand's advancements in women's representation in the workforce and leadership roles. They emphasized the importance of addressing ongoing challenges in recruitment, promotion, equal pay, and the necessity for flexible work arrangements. 

Uracha emphasized the importance of encouragement and role models for women in STEM. Prae Piromya, Sustainability Transformation Advisor at Id8, shared insights on promoting gender equality in the energy sector. 

Alicja talked about incorporating cultural subtleties into brand marketing to promote inclusivity and advocated for embracing neurodiversity in organizations. The conversation also addressed cultural obstacles, parental impact, and societal norms influencing career decisions. Alicja emphasized the significance of promoting education for both children and parents to overcome these barriers. 

Simon shared examples on promoting equal opportunities and reducing bias in hiring. He raised awareness about male privilege and the importance of understanding and supporting female leadership, education, and mental health.  

Narisa discussed financial challenges in promoting inclusivity and emphasized compassion as a catalyst for inclusion. Prae emphasized that inclusion fosters innovation and should be championed through top-down and bottom-up approaches within organizations.  

Speakers advocated for inclusivity through mentorship, role modeling, and fostering open cultures, while also discussing leveraging technology like AI to combat bias in recruitment. 

The event was moderated by AMCHAM Board Governor Lena Ng, who shared examples from her personal and organizational experiences promoting inclusivity. Audience members also contributed success stories and identified gaps for improvement. Overall, the panel stressed the need for concerted efforts at all levels to champion diversity and inclusion, acknowledging the pivotal roles of individuals and technology. 


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