AMCHAM Thailand Foundation Scholarship Alumni: Wanlutfee "Lutfee" Baka

AMCHAM Thailand Foundation Scholarship Alumni: Wanlutfee "Lutfee" Baka

Meet Wanlutfee "Lutfee" Baka, an alumni of the AMCHAM Thailand Foundation Scholarship Program 2020-22, which provides scholarships for exceptional underserved students.

Lutfee Baka graduated from the Faculty of Public Administration, Prince of Songkla University. Lutfee's academic journey has been marked by excellence and dedication, attributes that have seamlessly transitioned into his current role in Human Resources at the Thammasat University Research and Consultancy Institute (TU-RAC).

"I am a Thai-Muslim growing up in the three southern border provinces in Thailand. I greatly value the importance of education because I fundamentally believe that we cannot live to the fullest without education. Given the insurgency and economic issues, it pushes me to seek ways to ease the burdens off my parents.

AMCHAM was the piece of the puzzle that allowed me to pursue my bachelor’s degree—I am a social activist, graduated with a second-class honor in Public Administration, Faculty of Management Science, Prince of Songkhla University (Hat Yai Campus). This award is very precious for a person who lived in the upcountry like me—who is full of potential but has financial constraints. All in all, I really want to express my gratitude to AMCHAM for giving me this opportunity.

The AMCHAM Scholarship also enables me to develop my fourth language, meet new friends from across the country, and work in the dream job. I promise that I will use this knowledge and experiences in-and-outside classroom to develop myself and my local community in the future as in Islamic teaching said, “When a man dies, nothing lives on after him, except three things: a continuing charity, knowledge he imparted that can benefit others, or a pious child, who prays for him.”"


"AMCHAM was the missing jigsaw piece that allowed me to pursue my bachelor's degree." — Wanlutfee Baka,

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