Women on Board Discussion Series

Women on Board Discussion Series

On February 19, over 40 attendees participated in the AMCHAM Women on Board Discussion series. The third event in the Women on Board series, featured Aileen Chew, Country Manager Thailand & Myanmar, Mastercard and M.L. Laksasubha Kridakon, Owner/General Manager of Laksasubha Resort.

Aileen, who is a technology enthusiast talked about her career path and mentors who have helped her in her personal and professional journey. She spoke about her experience of working in telecommunications that prepared her for her current role at MasterCard. As part of an industry that was going through digital transformation, she constantly found herself being challenged and stepping up to do assignments that pushed her out of her comfort zone, such as moving to a different country or learning new skills. She also highlighted the role of her companies in coaching her and designing her career. Born and brought up in Singapore, Aileen is inspired by her mother, who was a working mom and set a great example of being ‘enabled’.

Laksasubha talked about spending her early years traveling due to her father’s work as a Thai Diplomat, and its influence on her life experiences.  A serial entrepreneur- she shared her experience of venturing into new businesses and investing in young people who are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.  She also spoke about her passion for giving back to the community through her involvement in various non-profit initiatives and being a strong link between the Thai-Australian business community in Thailand.

Their introduction was followed by a discussion moderated by AMCHAM Executive Director, Heidi Gallant. They discussed how to be heard in meetings, why to volunteer for board service, and how to encourage younger employees to speak up. Both women also spoke about the importance of building human connections for personal and career growth.

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