CSR Award 2020 Information Session

CSR Award 2020 Information Session

On May 21 to nearly 60 attendees, AMCHAM's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee held the CSR Award 2020 Information Session. The session was held to help companies applying for the award this year understand the application process as well as dispel myths commonly associated with applying for excellence in CSR. The session began with opening remarks from CSR Committee Co-Chair Scott Chang as he took the opportunity to introduce his fellow Co-Chairs Panomporn Yapakai, Johnathan Lembright, and Prae Piromya.

Since 2007, AMCHAM’s CSR Award has honored member organizations that create long-term economic and social benefits in their Thailand communities. Over the years, the program has grown in size and recognition. With special recognitions for companies that have maintained consistent consecutive efforts. The Co-Chairs spoke on the application process and expectations for companies that are applying. They spoke on a few common misconceptions regarding recognition:

Myth: Only large multi-national companies can win the award
Fact: The award is open to all members, and small organizations have won in the past

Myth: Companies need a huge budget to win
Fact: Program value is not a main consideration of the awards.

Myth: Projects and programs can only win if a company donates money to an NGO or a non-profit organization
Fact: Internal projects, such as working to improve the lives of your employees or improve your environmental practices are also eligible.

They also highlighted key criteria that a company should focus when applying. These included: Integration with Company Mission, Communication, Measurability of Results, Organizational Policy, Partnerships, and Sustainability. During this unprecedented time, several AMCHAM member companies are going above and beyond to support pandemic response. Through this year’s award, the CSR Committee will recognize those efforts with new Covid-Response Special Award categories to recognize the good work of our member companies.

The presentation and video of the event can be found on the AMCHAM Member portal.

For more information about the CSR Excellence Awards please click here. 

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