AMCHAM is pleased to present Chevron Thailand as one of the candidates for the People's Choice Awards. Chevron Thailand has been strengthening Thailand’s competitiveness and innovation by improving STEM and technical vocational education and training (TVET) across the country. In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the ACE Recognition program, AMCHAM is pleased to introduce our People’s Choice Awards. We have invited our first ever group of ACE platinum Candidates - companies who will have earned the ACE  Recognition Status for 10 consecutive years - to submit their favorite CSR project irrespective of scale, budget or focus. Winners will be decided by general vote by AMCHAM members.


Chevron Thailand presents:
Chevron Enjoy Science project

Chevron Enjoy Science Project is a US $30 million, 5-year, public private partnership to strengthen Thailand’s competitiveness and innovation by improving STEM and technical vocational education and training (TVET) across the country. It will accomplish this through the rollout of STEM and TVET Hubs nation-wide. The project’s implementation is divided into three components namely STEM Capacity Building of Teachers and Students, TVET Enhancement of Workforce Development and Awareness & Partnership Building. The STEM component focuses on developing the capacity of teachers and schools, incorporating active learning approaches using high-impact curriculum, enabling students to build a strong foundation for future STEM jobs. The TVET component targets building the capacity of vocational institutions and teachers, adopting international teaching models, providing classroom equipment and linking institutions and students with employers to prepare the future workforce to meet industry needs. Lastly, the awareness component aims at raising public awareness, sparking interest in STEM among students and informing students about opportunities available to STEM students.

At the conclusion of year 4, the project has trained over 10,000 teachers and school leaders and reached over 1.4 million students and 600,000 community members. A third-party study also shows that the program teachers delivered better-quality output than their peers, proving that teaching methods adopted by the project can help improve the capacity of teacher and student learning. In the final year, the project looks to build off the positive results of the project by continuing to work with its partners nationwide to deliver high-impact activities that upgrade education across Thailand.

How can I vote for Chevron?

All AMCHAM representatives will receive a unique link to vote for candidates for the People's Choice Awards. Member companies can now add up to 10 representatives for each company and therefore, up to 10 representatives from each company can vote for their favorite People's Choice Awards candidates.

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