AMCHAM, BoT, and BOI, a Unified Effort to Foster a Foreign Investor Ecosystem

AMCHAM, BoT, and BOI, a Unified Effort to Foster a Foreign Investor Ecosystem

November 7 — The American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand (AMCHAM) collaborated with the Board of Trade of Thailand (BoT) and the Board of Investment (BOI) to host a dinner talk titled Is Thailand Ready to Attract Foreign Investment in 2024? This event showcased AMCHAM, BoT and BOI as valuable resources for investors and key facilitators in the Foreign Investment Ecosystem. The interactive discussion revolved around the future of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Thailand, along with challenges and opportunities. 

Sanan Angubolkul, Chairman of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, and the Board of Trade of Thailand delivered the keynote speech. He highlighted AMCHAM’s role in strengthening economic relations between the United States and Thailand and stated “The US is considered a key strategic partner in Thailand’s economic growth. AMCHAM has been instrumental in fostering economic ties between the two nations.”  

During the panel discussion, led by Shawn Crispin, Southeast Asia Editor of Asia Times, Narit Therdsteerasukdi, Secretary-General of The Board of Investment stated that “US is one of the top five major investors in Thailand” and outlined key reasons why Thailand serves as a gateway to ASEAN and Asia. These include comprehensive infrastructure, digital advancements, robust supply chain, market access, government support, green transition policy, and safety and resiliency. He also shared BOI’s new plans to expand high skilled labor categories under the Long-Term Resident (LTR) visa. 

Kasemsit Pathomsak, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trade of Thailand, emphasized Thailand's strategic importance as the epicenter of ASEAN, which is becoming more prominent, driven by a trend of diversifying supply chains due to geopolitical tensions. 

AMCHAM President Ornkanya (Mook) Pibuldham, Chief Country Officer of Bank of America, shared that AMCHAM regularly engages with investors through the BOI, industrial estates, referrals from members and through AmChams in the region. These investors typically inquire about incentives, company/land ownership, access to labor and labor costs, energy supply, renewable energy sources, connectivity, ease of doing business, political stability, and ease of living for expats. She underscored the importance of a strong Chamber of Commerce in boosting investor confidence and the central role AMCHAM plays in providing these essential insights to investors exploring opportunities in Thailand. 

The event drew a large crowd of AMCHAM members, foreign and local business community executives, and government officials. AMCHAM, the BOT, and the BOI stand ready to serve as primary contact points and resources, ensuring investors a seamless entry into the Thai market. 


The American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand (AMCHAM) is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit membership organization with 3,000 members representing over 650 American, Thai, and other international companies. Member companies have cumulatively invested over 78 billion US dollars in Thailand and provide more than 500,000 local jobs. 

If you would like to learn more about AMCHAM, please visit: or contact Varsha Wadhwani, AMCHAM Communications Specialist, at e-mail 

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