Board Governors Elected for the 2024 - 2025 Term

Board Governors Elected for the 2024 - 2025 Term

AMCHAM Thailand is pleased to introduce our incoming Board Governors for the 2024/25 term:

  • Lena Ng. Amata Corporation PCL
  • Ornkanya (Mook) Pibuldham, Bank of America N.A*
  • Simon Denye, Harmless Harvest*
  • Asama (Prae) Dumrongmongcolgul, Meta
  • Ririnda Tangtatswas, Minor International
  • Eliot Delunas, Nitro Labs*
  • Deborah Seifert, Pfizer Thailand*
  • John Evans, Tractus Asia*

Governors who were re-elected for a second term are indicated with an asterisk (*).

AMCHAM would like to thank retiring Board of Governors – Tanapot Parkuwan of Citibank, Rachel Davidson of  Hilton & DoubleTree Sukhumvit, Kaveepan Eiamsakulrat of the K.E. Group, and Piangruetai (Pang) Sivaratana of Seagate Technology for their dedicated service during 2023-24.

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