AMCHAM Thailand Foundation Scholarship Student: Wildan "Win" Muna

AMCHAM Thailand Foundation Scholarship Student: Wildan "Win" Muna

Meet Wildan "Win" Muna, a remarkable scholarship recipient  of the AMCHAM Thailand Foundation Scholarship Program 2021-23 from the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Taksin University, where he is currently pursuing his studies. Currently in his fourth year, Wildan's journey is one of determination and passion as he aspires to become a journalist. Renowned for his eloquence, his prowess in communication led him to be chosen to deliver a captivating luncheon speech at the prestigious AMCHAM/FedEx Career Camp in June 2023.

My name is Wildan Muna, or “Win” for short. I’m pursuing my bachelor’s at Thaksin University in the faculty of Education, majoring in English. I was born and raised in Narathiwat, a province in the far south of Thailand. I came from a humble family of five, including me. My father is a full-time electrician and a part-time farmer, collecting rubber from rubber trees, while my mother takes care of the household. As the eldest brother in the family, I aspire to be a role model to my younger sister and my younger brother. My younger sister is a freshman at Thaksin University. She followed me to the same school. My younger brother is still a high school student. Although our family struggles financially, my parents always make sure that we all can go to school and have access to a good education, just like everyone else. While they themselves were not able to access education, they firmly believe in the power of it. They said they want us all to be well-educated and become successful adults. I cannot help but feel deeply motivated and inspired by their sacrifice for us. 

My dream is to become a journalist, a dream ignited by an American journalist who I had a chance to co-write an article with during my second year at Thaksin University. It happened during the semester break that would transition me from a freshman to a sophomore year, during which free time was a valuable resource and my skills were qualified enough to contribute something positive to the society. I volunteered myself to the journalist to help assist him with his article that shed light on the domestic violence in the deep south of Thailand, where I came from. Our goal was to raise the voice of the victims who often remain silent and powerless. I helped him conduct interviews, research, sort out information, and even write the article with him. Working with him not only allows me to contribute to the cause, but also makes me a firm believer of the transformative power of writing. Since then, my dream has been to become a journalist capable of bringing positive changes to society. 

With the desire to make my parents proud and help alleviate the burden to them, I embarked on a pursuit of seeking a scholarship. The one that particularly caught my attention was the prestigious AMCHAM scholarship as this scholarship provides not only financial assistance, but also a career camp that will help prepare me to transition for the professional world smoothly. This comprehensive support provided by AMCHAM means that they really want to make sure that their scholarship recipients become successful in their academic life and beyond. This deeply inspired me, and my dream to become a journalist became clearer since I was granted this scholarship. 

Soon after applying for AMCHAM, I also applied for the Global UGRAD Program, a scholarship that would bring me far beyond my expectations, and bring me a step closer to my dream. The moment I received an announcement that I was a finalist for this program, the news was first brought to my parents. My mother has always been sentimental, and she always cried hearing good news about their children, but my father unexpectedly became sentimental as well. They both were very happy, and I could proudly say at that precise moment that my dream to make them proud and to be a role model to my siblings has come a success. Being granted this scholarship means that I would be able to study in the United States for a semester, fully funded by the scholarship provider. I was placed at Mercyhurst University which is located in Erie, a city in the northwestern corner of Pennsylvania, near the shore of Lake Erie. Although the scholarship was fully funded, a sum of money was needed through preparing myself before flying to the United States. Thanks to the financial support from AMCHAM, I was able to go through the process smoothly. My semester at Mercyhurst began in January, shortly after Christmas, and I was first introduced to the beauty of snow and the new culture in that winter month. Although my parents and I were far away, I was able to show with them the sight of the white snow-covered sky, where snowflakes gently fell down to the white earth beneath through video call. The semester at Mercyhurst proved that every dream is possible, even the dream to go to the United States. 

Today, I am a fourth-year student waiting for opportunities beyond the confines of university. Thanks to the AMCHAM scholarship for providing me with a career camp, I had an opportunity to develop essential skills such as interviewing, and writing an effective resume before I go out to the professional world. These skills are not easily acquired elsewhere as are very important for a graduating college student like me. Furthermore, I was able to meet with successful professionals, and they shared their visions, their work life, and their journey to becoming who they are today. Being surrounded by these successful individuals who are eager to contribute to society further expands my dreams and ambitions, and motivates me to never stop seizing my dream. Their life journeys are very inspiring, and they teach me that success comes with hard work. 

Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the AMCHAM scholarship provider for aiding me financially and academically. Your generosity means a lot to me on my journey as a college student. I am deeply grateful for your unwavering support and assistance. With your support, I was able to overcome financial struggles and pursue my dream of becoming a journalist without any worries. 

"The AMCHAM Thailand scholarship provides more than just financial assistance. It connects me to a network of accomplished individuals who share similar visions and aspirations" — Wildan "Win" Muna

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