Auto Council: Auto Industry Update

Auto Council: Auto Industry Update - May 31

Auto Council: Auto Industry Update 

Speakers: Jessada Thongpak, Research and Analysis Manager, ASEAN Light Vehicle Production Forecast, at S&P Global Mobility

Moderator: Navarerk Kaewphakdee, Vice President, Global Corporate & Investment Banking, Bank of America

Organizers: Auto Council

Event Highlights: 

The speaker provided an extensive update and forecast on the auto industry throughout Southeast Asia, mainly focusing on Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. He presented statistics and numbers, specifying that the auto industry in Thailand and ASEAN is on an upward trend. The manufacturing of battery vehicles (BEVs) is expected to significantly increase as a result of the government’s tax scheme and subsidies for BEVs. It is expected that Thailand will remain the “Detroit of Asia” in the next decade.

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