Roundtable Meeting with Student Loan Fund

Roundtable Meeting with Student Loan Fund

On Feb 13, 2023, the American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand (AMCHAM) Community Projects Council Co-Chairs, Wanvisa Komindr of Citibank and Scott McCormack of GP Strategies along with AMCHAM Government Affairs Director, Jen Mechkhayai met with representatives of the Student Loan Fund. 

The meeting was informative for both parties. Nantawan Wongkachonkitti, Deputy Manager of the Student Loan Fund gave an overview of the demographics of students who received student loans, and provided insightful statistics on loan recipients by major, as well as repayment rates and related lending statistics.  

In return, the Student Loan Fund received information from AMCHAM regarding the AMCHAM Thailand Foundation (ATF) scholarship program, and the program’s expansion to cover vocational school students. AMCHAM also clarified that it intended to enroll additional students into the scholarships program, as well as its intention to become the Thai government’s leading partner in developing the country’s human resource, through its target industries. 

About the AMCHAM Thailand Foundation 

The American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand Foundation (ATF) is formally registered by AMCHAM in 2004 to carry out its charitable activities. The ATF is recognized by the Ministry of Finance as a Public Charitable Organization (number 632) and donations are deductible in Thailand. The entire amount (100 percent) of cash donations go to scholarships and direct program costs. The administrative support is provided entirely by AMCHAM staff and the Community Projects Council. If you would like to learn more about ATF, please visit: or contact Sheree Tanpensuk, AMCHAM Special Projects Officer & Executive Assistant, at e-mail 

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