Manufacturing Committee: State of Manufacturing in Thailand

Manufacturing Committee: State of Manufacturing in Thailand – May 6

Speakers: David Nardone, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Executive Director of WHA Corporation Public Company; Sampan Silapanad, Vice President Hard Disk Drive Operations of Western Digital Storage Technology (Thailand); and Dennis Meseroll, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Tractus Asia.  

Moderator: AMCHAM’ Manufacturing Committee Co-Chair, Frank Timmons of Apichet Technology and Ben Dobbs of Alliance Laundry Systems.  

Organized by: Manufacturing Committee 

Event Highlights:  

Experts in the field gave an overview on the current state of manufacturing in Thailand. They demonstrated how manufacturing plays a vital role in Thai economy, its impact on the growth and development of Thailand, and the uncertain challenges now and in future. They stated that Thai manufacturers have developed safe and environmentally sound factories that has improved the lives of many Thai citizens.  

“Manufacturing export rate is very important in Thailand, because it fuels the Thai economy. The expansion of the export rate will be a big step for Thailand to develop further” – Dennis 

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