AMCHAM Thailand Foundation Scholarship Alumni: Sorawit Lim-o-pas Pulsawasd

AMCHAM Thailand Foundation Scholarship Alumni: Sorawit Lim-o-pas Pulsawasd

Meet Sorawit Pulsawasd, a recipient of the AMCHAM Thailand Foundation's Student Scholarship Program, which provides scholarships for exceptional underserved students.

Looking back 10 years ago before receiving the scholarship, I would not have expected to come this far. Without support from the AMCHAM Thailand Foundation and AMCHAM Thailand, it would not be possible to get opportunities which opened my career path and totally changed my mindset.

Before telling you how my journey began with AMCHAM Thailand, let me first introduce myself and tell you about a recent accomplishment that has changed my life.

I am Sorawit Lim-o-pas Pulsawasd. I am currently pursuing my final year education and writing my PhD thesis in Charity and Development Management at the University of East London. I have also finished Masters in Charity Management at St Mary’s University, Twickenham in 2015. I am the first Thai who has earned this degree in the country.  This was possible because of AMCHAM Thailand and the Foundation for investing in me.  Not only can I support myself and my family, I also contribute to the society.

After I returned from the United Kingdom, I began working as a consultancy specialist for charity and development management in the international contexts. In 2021, I co-founded Food for Fighters, a public charity project for helping the healthcare frontline workers and restaurant staff during Covid-19. The Coca-Cola Worldwide selected the project for its worldwide “The Human Race” campaign. I also supervise projects for the Community Development Department (CDD), Ministry of Interior, to collaborate with the corporate online platforms for the first time in history to boost and recover the grassroots economy of the country. I also write articles on national media regarding government, corporate, and on Non-Government Organization (NGO) development projects in both Thai and English.

During my time in the UK, I worked independently for consultancy and research services in several industries focusing on Southeast Asia markets for the UK and Europe based organizations such as Al Jazeera, The Economist, BBC UK, the Edelman, Sanofi, and MTV UK. I also gave lectures at universities in the UK.

Prior to moving abroad, I worked at Kenan Institute Asia, where I was responsible for national and international development projects that focused on peace building, NGO capacity building, and corporate social responsibility. More importantly, some of you might remember me because my first workplace after graduation was AMCHAM Thailand where my journey began.

I first learned about  AMCHAM when I saw the scholarship poster and I applied for it. I spent the grant very wisely for both classrooms and especially, for extracurricular activities. I have attended many national and international competitions and awards. The Foundation’s support brought forward the best parts of me, gave me opportunities to develop myself, and significantly, put me in the international context.

I still remember one of the most memorable days. At AMCHAM Career Camp, I had a chance to meet with decision makers from its member companies. I had a long fun conversation during the luncheon with the Human Resources Director from Citibank which led me to a job interview with her team a week later. Even though I did not take the offer, it boosted my confidence and later, I partnered with Citibank for several CSR projects accordingly.

I hope that you have seen how far I have come from the day I became an AMCHAM Scholarship student which even I never imagined.

I have heard that the amount of donations for the Foundation has dropped due to the pandemic. I truly understand that everyone has been struggling, not only the beneficiaries but also the donors. I, nonetheless, need to ask if you could please keep contributing the proceeds as there are still a group of students in need, especially during this critical period of pandemic, waiting for your generosity. This will support them not only to survive, but also to achieve their dreams. Most importantly, they will be able to help others eventually.

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