AMCHAM Thailand Foundation Scholarship Story: Rattana Kabjok

AMCHAM Thailand Foundation Scholarship Story: Rattana Kabjok

Meet Rattana Kabjok, a 2015 recipient of the AMCHAM Thailand Foundation’s Student Scholarship program, which provides scholarships for exceptional underserved students.

My name is Rattana Kabjok. I am an AMCHAM Scholarship recipient from 2014 - 2015. When I think about AMCHAM, my first thought is huge appreciation and gratitude. Receiving the AMCHAM Scholarship was such an honor and it has given me a strong foundation in my life. The vivid memory of the Career Camp in 2015, the knowledge about entering a workplace and career preparation, and friendship with other recipients will always remain with me. Recently, I ran into one of the girls I knew from the Career Camp at an event, where I worked. I was amazed at how both of us have grown in different career paths and our friendship has come a long way since the camp.

After my graduation from Chiang Mai University, I sought to gain experience in multiple fields. The curiosity to flourish and broaden my perspectives was continuously driving me, which led me to an opportunity to join Au Pair Program in the US. After I came back to Thailand, my outlook was broadened and my skills were honed. However, my enthusiasm for learning remains and I constantly seek to cultivate more knowledge and skills to strengthen my core values. I continued working with children when I came back to Thailand. With my overseas experience, it made me better understand these children from diverse cultures and backgrounds. I personally like the uniqueness of working in a multicultural environment, as it gives me many new situations to adapt to and cope with challenges.

Lately, I have had a chance to work with one of AMCHAM member companies as a Project Coordinator in a Product Development Team. Again, with my curiosity for learning, this position has given me new experiences of working with professionals in upskill and reskill development through business lens. I am grateful for this professional opportunity even though this was not an experience I have mastered before.

To continue my career enthusiasm and passion, I am looking forward to returning to work with children in an educational setting where I can expand my knowledge and skills as well as continuing my expertise in education and language which has been my core foundation in life.

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