AMCHAM Board of Governors 101

AMCHAM Board of Governors 101

AMCHAM Board of Governors 101, July 22


  • David Nardone, AMCHAM Governor, Group Executive - Industrial and International, WHA Industrial Development
  • Vira-anong C. Phutrakul, former AMCHAM Governor, Managing Director, Head of Consumer Banking, Citibank, N.A.
  • George Hartel, AMCHAM Governor, Chief Commercial Officer, Supara Group and GQ Apparel.


  • John DaSilva, Committee Leader - AMCHAM Communications & Marketing Committee, Managing Director, Data & Technology Consulting, AMPOS Solutions

Event Highlights

An invigorating panel discussion between current and formers AMCHAM Board Governors as they discussed the Board of Governor's role in promoting the U.S. business community’s values and interests in Thailand, and how each member uses their unique background to help strengthen the AMCHAM community.

"The Board room is always built with information that you learn and the debates were good. I felt that we achieved a lot during the time that I was a Board Governor." - Vira-anong

"It is super rewarding if you enjoy connecting the dots with the community and right now Thailand needs it more than ever to lift the country back up from the crisis."  - George Hartel

A copy of the presentation and a recording of the event are available on the AMCHAM member portal.

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