5 Posture Tips to Prevent "Tech Neck" During WFH

5 Posture Tips to Prevent “Tech Neck” During

On June 10, AMCHAM’s Human Resources (HR) Committee held the event 5 Posture Tips to Prevent “Tech Neck” DurinWFHRichard Jackson, Executive Director of RLC and HR Committee Co-Chair, introduced speakers: Wiyada Srinaganand, Country Leader of 3M Thailand; and Michael Jones, Owner of Pain-Free Me.  

Richard introduced the event by setting the stage and tone as why addressing workplace ergonomics was so important. “Nearly 28% of the American workforce is working from home (WFH),” he said. Home workplace setups differ greatly from the office arrangements that most workers are more accustomed. Wiyada introduced the event by discussing how employees at 3M were first helped when they started working from home early 2020. Wiyada shared survey results showing how important wellbeing has become for 3M’s employees. She discussed how physical and mental health factor into wellbeing before passing the presentation to Michael Jones.  

Michael began his presentation by discussing his interest in helping people set up an ideal ergonomic situation in their homes and workplaces. He shared some statistics gathered from companies that experienced a year of WFH. He stated that having poor posture while engaging with work devices, or tech neck, puts employees in a pain management cycle that results in poorer productivity. He gave instructions on how to perform exercises that alleviate tech neck and how to make a workplace more active and ergonomic.  

Richard moderated a question-and-answer session where Members asked about when and how to address back pain as well as other exercise pointers. Presentations and a recording of the event are available on the AMCHAM Member Portal.  

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