YPC: Present Like a Boss

YPC: Present Like a Boss

On June 2, AMCHAM's Young Professionals Committee (YPC) hosted Present Like a Boss with Toastmaster Wizard and Development Consultant, Arnulfo S. Aniel (Arnie). Over a year into the pandemic, working from home and the use of online presentation tools are the norm. In an interactive session, Arnie, shared best practices on how to give an impactful presentation in a virtual setting, which is different from an in-person event.

Arnie stated that for any successful presentation, one must present with confidence, connect with their audience, and know the tools and platforms that they are using to deliver the presentation. In order to build a connection with the audience, one needs to understand their needs and prepare slides accordingly. He stated that the slides should not be text-heavy and should only serve a visual-aid for delivering the message.

He also talked about the importance of creating a visual experience by choosing the right background and setting and making sure that the backdrop does not take the spotlight away from the speaker. Arnie highlighted the importance of knowing the video conferencing tools that are being used to be able to use them effectively. Some other tips included – creating personas to know your audience, practicing before presenting, learning to pause, presenting with energy, and ending a presentation with a call to action.

The event was followed by an engaging question-and-answer session. A recording of the event is available on the AMCHAM Member Portal.



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