Healthcare Council: The Journey of Vaccine Technology 

Healthcare Council: The Journey of Vaccine Technology 

On April 22, to over 70 members, AMCHAM Healthcare Council presented The Journey of Vaccine Technology. AMCHAM Healthcare Committee Co-Chair, Damian Delaney, Aetna Healthcare; introduced guest speakers Mantana TanprasertSanofi PasteurDr. Charung Muangchanaformer director of the National Vaccine Institute, Ministry of Public Health; and Achirawin Jirakamolchaisiri, Bumrungrad Hospital. 

Mantana gave an overview of vaccine technology, elaborating on advantages and disadvantages of each type of currently developed vaccine. She spoke on the speed of vaccine development, noting the that the very first vaccines took 60 years and current vaccines taking only one to one and a half years. Mantana noted the safety, efficacy, technological advancement, and other considerations taken under a pandemic scenario.  

DrCharung Muanchana spoke on vaccine technologies and their history. "Today we have about 30 vaccines available for different illnesses but there are hundreds in development," he said. He noted the clear correlation with the amount of vaccines distributed and the presence of illness. He talked about the importance of vaccines not only for individual protection but also for community immunity. He touched on vaccines being available and specifically produced for certain populations, like age groups. He provided comparison to other country’s Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) schedule with Thailand’s and mentioned that there are differences in the EPI schedule for each country. He also highlighted the issue of vaccine security and reasons for shortage worldwide, especially in developing countries and the need for self-reliance and strategic prioritization.  

Dr. Achirawin answered Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Covid vaccines and the situation in Thailand. He presented statistics on the number of people who have been vaccinated worldwide compared to Thailand. He did a deep dive into the types of vaccines, efficacy of each, and answered questions on who should get it first, timeline for acquiring immunity, and if people with certain diseases or on-going medical treatments can take it.  

The event was followed by a question-and-answer session moderated by Damian. Members asked questions on how companies could encourage their employees to get vaccinated, the health and economic value of vaccination, and the current dynamics responsible for the acceleration of Covid vaccine development processAll speakers echoed that ongoing vaccine technology and development is critical for overall health and wellness of people. 


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