Aerospace Council: Discussion with the Thai Aerospace Manufacturing Industries Association (TAMIA)

Aerospace Council: Discussion with the Thai Aerospace Manufacturing Industries Association (TAMIA)

On February 23, to nearly 30 attendees, AMCHAM Aerospace Council presented: Discussion with the Thai Aerospace Manufacturing Industries Association (TAMIA). AMCHAM Committee Co-Chair Barry Crawford, Triumph Aviation Services introduced guest speakers Tatiya MeemeskulPresident of Lenso Aerospace and Ketan PoleCEO of C.C.S. Advance Tech 

Tatiya began his presentation with an introduction to TAMIA, its mission, vision, and activities for cluster development of the Thailand aerospace industry. Tatiya mentioned that the purpose of TAMIA is to support Thai aerospace manufacturing companies to develop their capabilities to world class standards and texpand their reach to the global market. TAMIA also coordinates between aerospace manufacturers, the government, and the private sector to work togetherHe also shared details of TAMIA’s upcoming events and activities to promote growth in the industry. 

Ketan, who has 37 years of experience in aerospace manufacturing, offers technical leadership to aerospace manufacturing companies through his company, CCS group. He gave technical guidance to members in the automotive industry looking to venture into aerospace manufacturing. He also shared details on founding members of TAMIA and the expertise that each company brings to the table. Ketan is also working closely with the Royal Thai Government to launch the first satellite of the Kingdom.  

The Thai Aerospace Manufacturing Industries Association (TAMIA) was formed at the beginning of 2020 with a core group of Thai-based aerospace companies that saw a need to organize and support the local industry, attract support from the Royal Thai Government and the EEC Office, and share knowledge and technology. The presentation was followed by a Question and Answers session, where members discussed the future of aerospace in Thailand, ideas for sharing material, design, and technology capabilities within the industry, and explore synergies. 

 Full presentation is available on the Member Information Center. 

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