AMCHAM 2021 Strategy Session

AMCHAM 2021 Strategy Session

On January 15, nearly 75 attendees participated in AMCHAM's virtual AMCHAM Strategy Session. Attended by AMCHAM's committee and council leaders as well as the Board of Governors, the Strategy Session is an opportunity for leadership to collaborate on the upcoming year's programming. 2021 AMCHAM President, Greg Wong of Agoda presented a brief overview on the Chambers’ growth in membership, innovative programming, and its relevance to the community, in what has been one of the most challenging years in recent history. He also congratulated committee leaders for adapting to new event formats and for constantly delivering value to members through engaging content.   

AMCHAM Women Committee leader, Jennifer Peng of Colagte-Palmolive presented on the Changing Face of AMCHAM. AMCHAM’s online programming has helped increase interest from all areas of Thailand to include membership beyond Greater Bangkok. She spoke about the Chambers’ goal to engage more women in AMCHAM leadership and through impact and capacity building influence gender equality. AMCHAM Executive Director, Heidi Gallant spoke about providing best in class programming and further diversifying AMCHAM’s speaker network in 2021. 

After the presentations, the event included breaking into two smaller breakout rooms for focused discussions on goals setting for AMCHAM’s advocacy efforts and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for AMCHAM’s leadership to measure effectiveness and success of their committees and councils. Special thanks to Government Affairs Council Leader, Alexander Yelland, Chevron and HR Committee Leader, Christopher Schultz, DKSH Group for leading these two group discussions respectively. Multiple committees and councils were also put into smaller breakout rooms for ideas and collaboration on AMCHAM’s programming for 2021. The smaller groups were helpful to bring together committees with shared interests and goals to enhance AMCHAM’s programming. With many new directions and engagements on the horizon, 2020 is shaping up to be an incredible year for the AMCHAM community.  


Cover Photo Credit: Communications & Marketing Committee Leader, David Norcross, Lexicon

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