Bounce Back Like a Boss!

Bounce Back like a Boss!

On December 8, at the Athenee Hotel to over 50 people, AMCHAM’s Young Professionals Committee (YPC) held its final event of the year: Bounce Back like a Boss! YPC invited three panelists to share their insights on transitions and adaptation during the Covid-19 crisis. YPC Committee Co-Chair Navarerk Kaewphakdee, started off the evening with a few opening remarks before introducing the three panelists. Jeff Lehrmann, Managing Director, Chevron Thailand; Ornkanya (Mook) Pibuldham, Managing Director and Chief Country Officer, Bank of America; and Micah Shepard, President Automotive Aftermarket Asia-Pacific & President of Southeast Asia, Schaeffler Group; each spoke to their experience while YPC Committee Co-Chair, Trent Rooks, moderated the discussion.

Each speaker began with a short introduction of their professional experience before answering questions provided by the moderator. Trent started with questions regarding their individual responses to the Covid-19 crisis earlier in 2020. Jeff Lehrman spoke to Chevron’s previous experience with the SARS pandemic and how having that in their toolkit helped with a successful handling of the current pandemic. Ornkanya Pibuldha, nicknamed Mook, stated that the start of new decade had given her a lot of hope and energy to move forward. But towards the start of the outbreak, her enthusiasm had shifted to crisis management mode as the banking industry needed to make large pivots to accommodate their clients. She briefly elaborated on her company’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and the need for multiple teams to accommodate the 24-hour nature of the banking industry.  Micah Shepard commented on how the manufacturing industry’s need for agility set the tone for the rest of the year. Micah also commented on the current state of manufacturing. The automotive industry’s hesitancy with forward motion in electric cars trickles down to manufacturing industry and thus both businesses are at a standstill.

Mook commented on how this feeling of “what’s going to happen next” is permeating all businesses. Since the Covid-19 pandemic spread, companies are looking at investing time, energy, and money in completely different ways. Jeff added to this by talking about how professionals in the energy sector are looking at creating cleaner more efficient energy while lowering their carbon footprint. Trent asked the panelists if they could part some wisdom for young professionals looking to move ahead despite this time of uncertainty. Micah suggested putting in the extra effort early on in one’s career and taking the projects that seem too tough for future pay off. Mook discussed taking risks and making mistakes but more importantly, learning from those mistakes. Jeff asserted the importance of knowing your personal values, having clear priorities, and holding true to both.

The panel discussion ended with a question-and-answer session. One participant asked how to best grow one’s career in Asia and the major difference between succeeding in Thailand versus the United States. A short Lucky Draw was held where attendees had the chance to win a 3-night stay at the Como Nikki Beach Hotel.


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