AMCHAM Membership Meeting with Keynote Speaker Mr. Kulit Sombatsiri, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Energy

AMCHAM Membership Meeting with Keynote Speaker Mr. Kulit Sombatsiri, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Energy

On December 2, to over 80 virtual registrants, AMCHAM held a Membership Meeting with Mr. Kulit Sombatsiri, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy. Jeffrey Nygard, AMCHAM Vice President, introduced the session with Chamber business; listing over 24 new members who have joined between October and December of 2020. Pairoj Kaweeyanun, President of Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production; introduced the keynote speaker. In his opening remarks, Pairoj mentioned that the need to supply reliable and affordable energy is critical to the growth of all nations and gave an overview of the Permanent Secretary’s career. 

Kulit Sombatsiri opened his statements with a brief overview of the price and value of energy usage in the Kingdom. During the Covid-19 lockdown period, household energy usage grew by roughly nine percent and consumption for retails organizations, such as hotels and malls, decreased by nearly ten percent. Jet fuel has been an area of concern for the Ministry of Energy as flights have been significantly reduced in 2020. Permanent Secretary Kulit spoke on the Ministry’s post Covid-19 plans and their efforts to move towards clean and green energy policies.  

Within the next five years, the Ministry of Energy is looking to focus on reducing carbon emissions and following the examples of other countries, like Japan, South Korea, and China, that are committing to net zero emissions in the near future. In his presentation, the Permanent Secretary further explained the Ministry’s plans to develop more jobs for assisting in data analysis and to help alleviate some of the job loss created by the pandemic.  

Permanent Secretary Kulit also spoke on the Ministry’s other plans and propositions. He cited key challenges that still remain for navigating Covid-19 in the short and long term as well as to work with neighboring countries on supplying energy to the region in an effective manner. He also shared Thailand Integrated Energy Blueprint targets which states a goal to move towards more electric vehicles by 2037. The Ministry of Energy is also acting on other projects hoping to launch in December 2020 that involves the decarbonization of local communities.  

He elaborated on the Ministry of Energy’s Direction for the next few years with three main objectives. The first main objective is to create energy for economic growth and reduce the burden of energy costs and promote investments in energy infrastructure. The second objective is to use the energy industry as a means for creating jobs and income for Thai people. The final objective is focused on transforming energy consumption and production in the future with new innovations in technology to more towards greener, more sustainable options. 

The session concluded with a question and answer session that was moderated by AMCHAM Executive Director, Heidi Gallant. Participants asked the Permanent Secretary a wide range of questions regarding the movement of electronic vehicles for public transit, the push for carbon neutralization among companies, and how the energy industry will change in the new normal. The membership meeting wrapped with the Chamber leadership expressing its gratitude to Permanent Secretary Kulit for his time and expertise and an eagerness to work together again soon.  

The presentation from this membership meeting is available on the AMCHAM Member Portal.  

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