Legal and Technical Issues of E-Meeting Legislations

Legal and Technical Issues of E-Meeting Legislations

On Aug 31, AMCHAM’s Legal Committee held- Legal and Technical Issues of E-Meeting Legislations to over 30 registrants through a video conferenceAMCHAM's Legal Committee Co-Chair, Christopher Knight, CEO, Everett Knight introduced guest speakers Kowit Somwaiya, Managing Partner at LawPlus Ltd, and Bernard Collin CEO of Safecoms Security Consulting Co., Ltd. 

Kowit Somwaiya spoke about the Emergency Decree and the Enactment of E-meetings legislationsan online meeting law for both the private and public sector that was enacted in response to the Covid-19 pandemic so that companies could hold their Annual General or Board Meetings online. He shared the list of industries the EDEM does not apply to and step by step guide on how to call an e-meeting. He further deep dived into requisites for managing these meetings such as record keeping, electronic data management, and Maintaining Security of Meetings via Electronic Means. He also spoke about the seven security standards of e-meeting and procedures for filing of e-meeting documents with authorities. 

Bernard Collin, CEO of Safecoms Security Consulting Co., Ltd. spoke about the practical challenges of maintaining e-meetings and pitfalls to avoid. Key elements to focus on include access to documents remotely and safely, process for digital signatures, certification of authority, attendance in e-meetings, in-person, or hybrid, and data security. He shared challenges and technical solutions to comply with the e-meeting security standards and the information security standards prescribed under the e-meeting legislations. 

The event was followed by a question and answer session moderated by Christopher Knight. Members asked questions that would impact their business and sought clarifications on compliance. The full presentation is available on the AMCHAM member portal. 

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