Voting Resources for U.S. Citizens Residing Overseas

Have you registered to vote abroad?

All U.S. citizens can vote, wherever they are. If you are a U.S. citizen residing overseas, please be sure to confirm your registration in your home state by visiting and going to your state’s voter portal.  If you are not sure which state you are eligible to vote in, please consult with one of the voter assistance resources listed below.

Voter Assistance Resources Online

  • has voting information by state and links to each state’s voter portal
  • is a non-partisan site operated by Democrats Abroad, with detailed information about how to vote abroad and a responsive help desk.

Voter Assistance Resources in Thailand

Voting Checklist

Please check the registration and voting deadline for your states well ahead of time, as you will need to allocate sufficient time for mail-in ballots to arrive. Due to Covid-19, some mail services are unavailable, and others require the ballots to be mailed several weeks in advance.

  1. Register to vote abroad! Registration deadlines vary, but plan to have this done by the end of September at the latest to be safe.
  2. Make sure that you’ve received your ballot in plenty of time to return it by the method required in your state.
  3. Send your ballot well before the voting deadline.  Some states allow electronic submission of ballots, but some still require postal mail and there is currently no regular airmail to the US.  For mail-in states you have two options:
    • EMS or courier (costly, but fast)
    • You may submit your sealed, stamped ballots to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate for delivery to the U.S.  This service is free, but requires time – please allow 2-4 weeks for the diplomatic pouch to be sent to the U.S., and then 1 week for the US. Postal Service to deliver your ballot to your local election official.  Click here for details on how to send your ballot via the Embassy.  For some early voting states, this could mean that you should plan to mail your ballot by early October or before.

U.S. citizens abroad in Thailand can now mail your vote via DHL express from now until Oct 26.

Cost: Total Freight Charge = 1,250 Baht

Details: Security

As advised by Global SOP team:

No physical inspection required as this could may make the ballot paper “null and void”. However, the usual MPS “touch and feel” checks plus X-ray screening is sufficient if the shipment is:

  • Consigned to an official US ballot receiving location and
  • Sent within the election period, specifically valid only until the final ballot submission day
  • Any shipments found to contain anything other than “paper” are to be stopped from shipping until appropriate resolution has taken place with the Shipper.

Process: Shipment Acceptance Location

  • Ballot shipment can only be accepted at 35 DHL Own Service Points (Services at DHL Agent & Resellers and DHL Online Shipping ‘MyDHL+’ are out of scope)

Process: Shipment Validation

  • Customer needs to present their U.S. passport or photo ID as proof of identification.
  • Shipment consignee address must be within the 20 states stated below and no PO box addresses allowed.
  • Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin

Process: Shipment Acceptance

  • Staff to inform on the rates and get customer acceptance.
  • Ballot envelope (sealed with special tape) will be handover to staff to put in DHL packaging. Staff will perform MPS ‘touch and feel’ checks to ensure no hardware is stored and process shipment.


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