Remaining Human in a Technology-Driven World: 2020 Global Human Capital Trends

Remaining Human in a Technology-Driven World: 2020 Global Human Capital Trends

On July 23 to over 80 attendees, AMCHAM’s Human Resources (HR) Committee hosted Remaining Human in a Technology Driven World: 2020 Global Human Capital Trends. The video conference was began with HR Committee Co-Chair, Richard Jackson, who handled the introductions of the three speakers: Mark Maclean, HR Transformation Leader, Deloitte; Ritesh Agarwal, Sales Capability Head for Asia BU, PepsiCo; and Nara Decharin, General Manager, Baxter International Inc.

Mark Maclean presented Deloitte’s 10th Global Human Capital Trends report; a yearly survey with more than 9,000 respondents from 119 countries represented. Survey respondents also varied in their career position and placement. Mark reviewed the past 10 years of the survey’s trends and priorities for organizations around the globe before remarking on 2020’s impact on HR. This year’s Global Human Capital Trends report focused on the different aspects of technological influence on people throughout the Human Resources sphere. An unexpected trait in the survey was the perceived importance of work aspects such as an individual’s well-being and ethical management exceeding organization readiness for respondents.

Ritesh Agarwal added his experience with technological growth within PepsiCo, citing an example of salespeople taking orders with pen and paper ten years ago versus now where they use an application on their phone. Nara Decharin also commented on the direction of HR in pharmaceutical companies and his experience with technological growth in the workplace.

The session ended with a robust question and answer session moderated by Richard Jackson and Chris Shultz. The presentation and video recording of the event are both available on the AMCHAM member portal.

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