Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act: Delay of the Law & Covid Implications

Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act: Delay of the Law & Covid Implications

On June 12, AMCHAM’s Legal Committee held a virtual event to over 108 participants on Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act: Delay of the Law and & Covid Implications.

Legal Committee Co-Chair, Christopher Knight, introduced guest speakers Dr. Prapanpong Khumon, Vice Dean of School of Law, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce and Kevin O'Neal, Managing Counsel, Asia South Business Unit, Chevron.

Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) safeguards data owners from the illegal collection, use, or disclosure of personal data. In June 2020, the Thai Government approved the Royal Decree to postpone enforcement of the PDPA due to covid-19. Dr, Prapanpong explained the practical implications of the extension of PDPA, what it meant and how companies could prepare for the PDPA compliance when it comes into effect next year.

Dr. Prapanpong mentioned that even though the compliance was postponed, organizations were still subject to regulations to protect personal data, and to comply with the security standard prescribed by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES). Dr. Prapanpong also shared the implications of the pandemic on data protection. Kevin O’Neal gave a short case study on Chevron’s application of the PDPA. He said that they have been able to set up PDPA compliance process internally for their organization and externally for their clients. He mentioned that it was important to form a cross functional core team and to know organizational touch points for data collection to put safeguards effectively.

Christopher Knight moderated the question and answer portion of the video conference. Members asked questions that would impact their business and sough clarifications on how to prepare for PDPA compliance in the near future. The full presentation is available on the AMCHAM member portal.


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