Summary of AMCHAM Business Today Video Conference for May 29

Summary of AMCHAM Business Today Video Conference for May 29

Cabinet Resolutions

  • The Thai government has extended the state of emergency for a second time until the end of June even though the number of cases in the Kingdom has fallen.
  • The next CCSA meeting will discuss the night curfew and further easing of lockdown restrictions to provide more freedom for business movement.
  • Foreign nationals with a Thai work permit can now apply for permission to enter the country, but it is requested only for those with urgent needs to apply.
  • The Prime Minister chaired a meeting with the Eastern Economic Corridor Policy Committee to follow up on the progress of the U-Tapao airport and the Eastern Aviation City development.
  • Thai researchers are working on a possible covid-19 vaccine prototype named “MRNA” which is being tested in monkeys, with results expected in September.
  • Minister of Tourism and Sports is in the process of discussing with the CCSA about easing domestic tourism restrictions to allow interprovincial travel and hotel operations to resume.
  • On the larger scale, the ASEAN health experts had a video conference recently to discuss major government policies for containment, mitigation and recovery from covid-19.

Entering Thailand for Employment

  • Firstly, you’ll need to contact the Thai embassy or Consulate General overseas to apply for the certificate of entry at least 10 working days before the date of your departure.
  • To be eligible, you will have to present a copy of your work permit, a letter certifying your permission to work in Thailand from a government agency and a valid health insurance worth at least 100,000 USD.
  • Once approved, you can depart on your flight to Thailand and show the certificate of entry, declaration form and a fit-to-fly health certificate upon arrival at the Thai airports.
  • However, it should be noted that you will still be subjected to the 14-day quarantine at your own expenses.


  • An AMCHAM member in the telecommunications industry mentioned that they are working to provide first-rate connectivity service in this period where many companies are working from home.
  • For instance, they are enhancing download speeds in residential areas where they are seeing a big spike in usage as opposed to the usual high traffic in business areas in central Bangkok.
  • They are also introducing an innovative and user-friendly website where businesses can add their employees’ mobile numbers to announce and communicate their latest updates to them through SMS.

Issues Post-Covid-19

  • One participant expressed his concerns after a meeting with the Joint Foreign Chambers about the 100,000 USD medical insurance requirement, considering it might become an issue for work permits in the future especially in this time when businesses need to be cutting back on expenses.
  • After a short survey with the companies they are dealing with, they found out that the non-Thais are covered by a lot less than 100,000 USD.
  • For some large manufacturing companies, they are bringing workers from the neighboring countries, giving them local contracts and minimal insurance cover.
  • Another issue for the manufacturing members is that they have purchased new equipment that requires a professional from outside the country to instruct and train the workers, but they are having a hard time to enter Thailand.
  • The travel and tourism side are watching carefully to see how the government will open both domestic and international travel, especially safe corridors with countries that have also been able able to curb the spread of the virus since Thailand is heavily reliant on international tourism.


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