Digital Economy Committee Video Conference: Using Microsoft Teams to Communicate and Collaborate

On May 28, AMCHAM’s Digital Economy Committee hosted a video conference: Using Microsoft Teams to Communicate and Collaborate for over 35 AMCHAM members.

The meeting started with an introduction from DE Committee’s Co-Chair, Peter Fischbach, who welcomed guest speaker Vivek Anand Ravindran, Sr. Director Modern Workplace, Microsoft APAC. Vivek started his presentation emphasizing that the goal of Microsoft Teams is “moving forward together". It is not just a technology tool but a collaboration tool that enables people and teams to collaborate and be productive from anywhere in the world without disrupting workflow processes.

He mentioned that the pace of adoption of the tool with covid-19 has accelerated enormously with Microsoft recording 2.7 billion minutes of calling and meetings in one day. More and more businesses that did not see the usage of Teams for their business earlier have now shifted online and expanded the scope of their businesses. At the same time for companies like Microsoft, the pace of innovation cannot falter even if people are working from home and they need to rethink and reinvent their capabilities.

He gave an in-depth run through of the different capabilities that Team has for organizations to stay agile, work remotely and connect with their teams. Vivek mentioned that Teams was suited for all sizes of organization located anywhere in the world – from MNCs to SMEs and even frontline workers, leadership and within the teams providing real time engagement and collaboration. Capabilities in the software also allows localization such as providing translations, geo-tagging, encourages diversity and inclusion within organizations and remote learning and development.

The event also had speakers and leaders from AMCHAM’s member organizations TCC Technology, RMA Group, and of course from the AMCHAM team on what they've learned (or learned to avoid) from rolling out Teams in different contexts.

Alex Konnaris, CIO, RMA Group mentioned that for RMA, it took a while to adopt Teams, but persistent training and feedback drove four-fold adoption of the tool during covid with 100% increase in usage in 30 days. TCC’s General Manager, Waleeporn Sayasit talked about using Teams to drive their organization’s CSR activity and team collaboration through video, meetings, and calls. AMCHAM’s Deputy Director, Sarawan Dever, spoke about using Teams for collaboration beyond AMCHAM’s core team to collaborate and bring value to the member community, and core leadership that drives AMCHAM’s events and programming. She spoke about being able to successfully pivot to doing online events from 0 to 60 in less than a week of adopting the platform and being able to mobilize the team to comfortably work remotely.

Peter Fischbach capped the event with a question and answers session, where the speakers answered questions from the attendees. One of the most common questions was, what happens in a post covid world! All speakers agreed that as most organizations and people brave a new world of remote working and collaboration, these new ways of connecting are becoming ways of connecting, and organizations will need to innovate at an accelerated pace to respond to the new normal.

Special thanks to our Digital Economy Committee Leaders Peter Fischbach, Waleeporn Sayasit, Kwanjit Sudsawad, David Aldridge for leading and organizing this event.

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