Joint HR and Travel & Tourism Committees Video Conference: Employment Challenges & Solutions During Covid-19

Joint HR and Travel & Tourism Committees Video Conference: Employment Challenges & Solutions During Covid-19

On April 30, AMCHAM hosted a Joint Human Resources (HR) and Travel & Tourism Committees Video Conference on Employment Challenges & Solutions During Covid-19. Moderated by John Evans, Managing Director & Co-Founder at Tractus Asia Limited, the event was an interactive panel discussion between leaders from the hotel industry on challenges and practical solutions for employers to implement during the covid-19 crisis.

In response to the significant economic fallout brought on by covid-19, the hospitality industry - as one of the earliest and hardest hit sectors - has been rapidly forced to make difficult strategic decisions regarding staff and the business. Panelists, Ian Pascoe, Managing Partner of Grant Thornton, highlighted the need for employers to maintain the social fabric of the society by maintaining relationship between employer and employee, and for businesses to act responsibly and structure businesses in a fair manner to come out of this economic crisis.

Caroline Stevens, Chief People Officer of Minor Hotels, shared details on how Minor Group was striking a balance the decline in hotel business and the rise in the restaurant business. She spoke about some of the difficult strategic decisions that Minor had to take in terms of keeping some of their hotels open, reorganizing their workforce from the hotels to support the growing restaurant business, and laid importance on the human aspect in communications while talking to the employees.  She also spoke about people embracing new technologies at an accelerated pace to keep connected.

Bruno Huber, General Manager of Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort brought forward his own experience of running a single hotel and echoed Caroline’s thoughts on honest communications with employees coupled with strong leadership to wave through the tide.

All panelists discussed the future of the hotel industry from their perspective. They believe that as businesses go back to the new normal, hotels will need to reinvent how they operate. They expect to see a rise in domestic travel long before international tourists come in and highlighted the need for hotels to rethink their product packaging. For their products and communications to be purpose driven and meaningful to help businesses move forward.  The videoconference was followed by a question and answers session between the panelists and AMCHAM members.


Special thanks to AMCHAM HR Committee Co-Chairs Shaun Wong, Richard Jackson, Christopher Shultz and Sukkamon Sopachote and Travel & Tourism Committee Co-Chairs Charles Blocker, Priyanka David, and Sumi Sooran for organizing this event.

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