AMCHAM Business Today: Marketing in the Time of Covid

AMCHAM Business Today: Marketing in the Time of Covid

A video conference was hosted by the Communications and Marketing Committee of AMCHAM at 2:00 PM on Friday, April 10 focusing on the topic of marketing in the time of covid-19 to an audience of 86 participants.

The opening remarks were made by Heidi Gallant, Executive Director of AMCHAM Thailand, followed by, Ambassador Tomwit Jarnson, Director of Government Affairs, who gave a brief overview of the recent cabinet resolutions and developments. Read more

Gerald (Jerry) Margolis, Managing Director of Philip Morris, took the role as moderator for the session, accompanied by AMCHAM's other Communications & Marketing Co-Chairs John DaSilva, Director of Partnerships and Communications for Kenan Foundation Asia; David Norcross, Founder and Managing Director of Lexicon Business Communications; Louie Morante, Regional Brand & Corporate Communications of Procter & Gamble; and Meagan Anderson, Event Producer and Media Officer for AMCHAM.

Jerry gave a brief presentation on the macro outlook of the impact of covid-19 on different industries- the decline in traditional industries and the growth in online business. He mentioned that while some industries have been positively impacted such as technology, health and insurance, ecommerce and fintech industry, other industries such as oil and gas, employment services, the hospitality industry, and themed parks are seeing a big decline.

It was mentioned that after a deep dive into market data, for the first week when companies started working from home and government restrictions started to add up, all key metrics in marketing dipped. But in the first week of April, most of them made a recovery, some were doing even better than usual.

Panelist John DaSilva, Director of Partnerships and Communications at Kenan Foundation Asia gave an overview on how covid-19 has impacted the non-profit business with their marketing efforts focused on promoting their CSR activities and keeping their online engagement consistent with relevant content and brand credibility. Louie Morante spoke on P&G's efforts in assessing their assets and responding to the situation with what consumers need. He spoke about adjusting P & G’s messaging in line with social distancing and helping consumers with products that they could use at home during this time to stay safe.David Norcross, founder and Managing Director of Lexicon highlighted that it was also a good time for leaders to focus on personal branding, communicating transparently, and supporting their employees and the community at large. It is also a good time for businesses to look inwards and focus on building their core or unleashing hidden opportunities that were overlooked before. Meagan Anderson spoke on the importance of enhancing the Chamber's communications to keep members informed, but more importantly, connected. All of the the Co-Chairs advised that companies should stay systematic and agile. This could be done by staying in touch with your consumers and adjusting your communications with them accordingly. Personal branding was also a big topic as members suggested that building a community, being transparent to your customers, and providing genuine value will be key to your business surviving these unprecedented times.

On the flip side, companies should take note that excessive communication during this period could come off as disingenuous and therefore, opportunistic. Louie touched on the importance of amplifying a brand's existing message; saying that this crisis has not change companies' core values and that it's important that their audience knows that. Secondly, information shared on social media and websites should be carefully considered, in terms of credibility, relevancy, and appropriacy such as refraining from sharing any content that has people in large crowds socializing. Members asked questions regarding their personal business marketing needs at the end of the panel discussion.




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