Eyes on AMCHAM: A virtual meeting with Ambassador Michael George DeSombre Video Conference

Eyes on AMCHAM: A virtual meeting with Ambassador Michael George DeSombre Video Conference

On April 2, AMCHAM hosted Eyes on AMCHAM: A virtual meeting with Ambassador Michael George DeSombre Video Conference.  Heidi Gallant, Executive Director of AMCHAM Thailand introduced and welcomed Ambassador Michael George DeSombre to a member-wide videoconference meeting.  

This was Ambassador Michael George DeSombre’s first address to the AMCHAM business community. Speaking directly from his residence, he addressed over 100 participants on the unprecedented challenges brought by covid-19 and the opportunity to serve the people of America, and the Kingdom of Thailand during this difficult time.  

Ambassador DeSombre expressed his confidence in the power of American economy and the power of U.S. free enterprise system that can rise to any occasion and overcome all challenges. He spoke about his unique experience as a business lawyer assisting American companies expand their operations and investments in Asia and around the world that is helping him “think anew and act anew” to preserve these opportunities through innovative solutions, and his renewed optimism to get through this troubled present because the entire U.S. public and private sector is mobilized together to find solutions to covid-19.  

He also expressed that the that key to innovation and creativity is having the government support industries, remove restrictions and encourage innovation and creativity. The U.S. is unleashing every tool in the nation’s vast arsenal to fight covid-19. 

Talking about Thailand, he mentioned that the infection is not increasing in a steep curve, but he has started responding to the challenges by encouraging social distancing at the Embassy’s office and highlighted the U. S’s continuing investment in Thailand’s public health. He mentioned that the USAID provided almost 2m dollars to assist in Thailand’s response to covid-19 including contribution to surgical masks, gowns and respiratory masks, shoe cover and protective glasses to Thailand’s healthcare workers. 

Ambassador Michael DeSombre recognized the efforts of the private American companies in Thailand in introducing innovative management solutions to keep operating in these difficult times, following the rules laid out by the Thai government and protecting the community and the Thai people in the time of need.   

He addressed the concern of business challenges, restriction of movement and seizure of operations considering the Thai governments emergency decree but encouraged members to prepare for the possibility if the Thai government enforced stricter emergency measures to protect the community. He also advised members to reach out to the Embassy for any assistance to initiate a conversation with the government, if they face difficulties in complying with any of these orders to seize their operations. 

As an Ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand, Ambassador’s DeSombre stated that his top priority is the health and safety of American citizens living in Thailand. He also accorded his private sector experience as beneficial in leading the Embassy through these difficult times. 

After his opening remarks, he engaged with participants directly in an open question and answer session on the U.S - Thai bilateral relationship, how they could assist the Thai community and welfare during this time, and other consular  service assistances for visas and in returning home to the United States.

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