AMCHAM and the FCA Meeting with the Minister of Education

AMCHAM and the FCA meet with the Minister of Education

AMCHAM, BCCT, AustCham, GTCC, the ITCC and the STCC met with the Minister of Education, H. E. Nataphol Teepsuwan, Minister of Education, K. Varavij  Kambhu Na Ayudhaya, Adviser to Minister of Education, Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General of Vocational Education Commission, and senior officials of OVEC (Office of Vocational Education Commission), Ministry of Education.

The objectives of the meeting were to continue cooperation with the Ministry of Education, contribute to the further development of the educational system in Thailand, especially in the vocational sector, and explore the idea of reconstituting the National Vocational Education Committee on Internationalization of Vocational Education. Some of the challenges discussed are below:


  • Lack of skilled workers in Thailand.
  • Committed to support the Ministry of Education in upgrading the workforce, through vocational education reform.
  • The BOI should offer incentives to companies that provide training as well.
  • Vocation vs. university perception.

Proposed solutions by the Ministry of Education include:

  • The Ministry wants to change the educational landscape of Thailand, with a new overall plan on vocational education to produce quality workforce.  This target should be achieved within the next 5 years.
  • The Ministry has sufficient budget for this.  The OVEC budget will focus on vocational improvement.
  • There is a need to revamp the whole operation.
  • The Ministry is ready to change the laws if necessary.
  • The government is trying to attract foreign investment to Thailand which is important to national development, but if HR is not adequate, there will be less investment.
  • The Ministry is ready to customize the vocational curriculum to meet the industry’s needs.
  • 2 streams of training: Language and technical.
  • Furthermore, Thailand lacks 20,000 qualified vocational teachers/trainers.
  • Need to know the private sector’s requirements.
  • The Ministry will be the contact point for the private sector in meeting the requirements.
  • The first step for the private sector to contribute to this effort is “reskilling”.
  • The chambers can help train the trainers.
  • Companies that help or work with OVEC will get tax deductible incentive.
  • Next, the Ministry will meet each Chamber individually to discuss the program in detail.

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