SME/Legal Committee Talk TM30 and Visa Updates

SME/Legal Committees Talk TM30 and other visa updates

On September 4 at the Rembrandt Hotel, AMCHAM’s SME and Legal Committees held a joint event regarding the TM30, visa, and work permit updates. The speakers included Penrurk Phetmani, Attorney-at-Law at Tilleke & Gibbons, and Kowit Somwaiya, Founder and Managing Partner of LawPlus and LawPlus Myanmar. The event was moderated by Benjamin Hart, Managing Director at Integrity Legal.

Penrurk Phetmani, who specializes in corporate services and immigration issues,  began the event with an overview of existing reporting documents for foreigners residing in Bangkok including the T.M. 6, T.M. 27, T.M. 28, and the T.M. 47. Penrurk then went into detail regarding a trending topic in the Thailand community, the T.M. 30. She spoke about the requirements for form and how to remain compliant while highlighting many issues that people have been facing with it, such as unhelpful landlords and requirements for certain visa holders.

Following Penrurk’s T.M. 30 presentation, Kowit Somwaiya discussed major updates with Thailand’s SMART visa. He also touched on visa and work permit updates for BOI unskilled employees and penalties that employers may encounter if they fail to comply.

The popularity of the topic required a few venue changes in order to accommodate the growing number of attendees. With over 100 people in attendance, an application was used to streamline the question and answer portion of the event. Benjamin Hart moderated questions from the audience while providing his own legal expertise to some of the inquires.

Kowit’s presentation will be available on the AMCHAM member portal and Penrurk is providing an article summarizing the TM30 for a future issue of Thai-American Business (T-AB) Magazine.

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