Another Exhilarating Day at the the 2019 AMCHAM Independence Day Picnic!

In the afternoon of July 6, the AMCHAM community returned for another fun-packed Independence Day Picnic at Bangkok Patana School to celebrate one of the most iconic American holidays. This year’s I-Day Picnic was a party bigger and better than ever, with a record attendance of over 2200 adults and children. As the torrential storm had stopped just in time before the party started, guests enjoyed a breezy and sunny Independence Day like never before. For the first time, the Picnic offered a Shopping Alley showcasing a diverse range of products, from kids’ educational toys to Persian rugs.

The weather was especially ideal for field games, a staple of the I-Day Picnics. Tug of war, gunny sack race, egg toss, pie-eating contest: as always, all were instant favorites with both adults and children as they put their physical skills and appetites to test. In between, guests got to enjoy great food and drinks from across the world while jamming to music by local artists.

The Marine Corps and Veterans of Foreign Wars were on hand to raise the colors.  Jay Pangilinan sang a beautiful rendition of the American national anthem and Bangkok Patana School’s very own Pearl Rapeeporn intoned a golden presentation of the Thai national anthem. In honor of the US’s 243rd birthday, Deputy Chief of Mission and Political Counselor Henry Rector gave remarks commemorating the centuries-old friendship between Thailand and the US.

Special thanks go to our 52 Star Sponsors for keeping the party entertained with amazing games and tummies filled with fantastic food. Uncle Sam, Comedian Stevo Joslin, did an excellent job hosting the days events and fielding the day’s activities. AMCHAM is immensely grateful for volunteers, many of whom are familiar faces, who gave half of their day to ensure everything ran smoothly up until the end. Finally, AMCHAM would like to extend a very special thank you to our Independence Day committee co-chairs Tom Whitcraft and John MacTaggart. Without their tireless efforts and logistical planning we would not have had such a successful event!


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