AMCHAM Leadership Meets for the Second Strategy Session of the Year

On June 12, the AMCHAM Board of Governors, committee leaders, and the AMCHAM team gathered for the Mid-Year Strategy Session at the newly renovated Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort, where attendees discussed progress made this year as well as plans for the future. This session marks the first Strategy Session held mid-year, in addition to the ones regularly held in January. During the session, the AMCHAM team presented the Chamber’s growth for the year so far and provided insight on ways to perpetuate this momentum. Most importantly, thanks to the focused discussions after the presentations, it was a fantastic opportunity for AMCHAM leadership to workshop feedback and give input on a multitude of topics that directly reflect the needs of the membership.

The meeting began with presentations updating AMCHAM leadership on different facets of the Chamber’s work. Among the updates were good news from the membership team who announced a satisfactory increase in membership retention rate to 91%, which surpasses the 90% goal set in January 2019 as well as the previous five years of retention rates for the Chamber. The team hopes to continue the trend with the more personalized membership experience and expanded membership services.

The newly-minted communications team also presented the ongoing revamp of AMCHAM’s communications strategy, including the rollout of the MemberPlus mobile application; an app that simplifies event registration, finding members in the directory, and member to member communication. The updated strategy seeks to increase exposure to both in-house events and the activities of our members.

The advocacy team, led by Tomwit Jarnson, has been as active and agile as ever. AMCHAM’s advocacy endeavors have exceeded previous years’ engagements having already met with 10 government agencies, on behalf of member interests, this year. The advocacy team has been responding swiftly to most current investor interests, such as the development of the EEC as well as the sudden switch to the IBC investment regime.

AMCHAM Committees have been busy leading the events organization with 108 events already in the books from January to May, many of which include signature events such as the Governors Ball and Memorial Day Golf Tournament but also a wealth of member-only meetings and briefings.

Following the presentations were focus group discussions designed to allow the Chamber’s leadership to work together to help AMCHAM continue its positive trajectory. From these discussions, the AMCHAM team was able to gather an impressive list of action items, thanks to the specific and relevant ideas provided by AMCHAM leaders.

Any member is welcome to be part of AMCHAM’s leadership, either through co-chairing a committee or running for the Board of Governors. The next strategy session is taking place in January 2020, so be sure to express your interest in joining the committee leadership as soon as possible.

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