HR Committee Discusses Visions for a New Generation of Workspace

On June 14, the HR Committee had the opportunity to host two keynote speakers for a breakfast at the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit. The speakers came from different perspectives on designing offices for a new generation of workspace. The first speaker, Sombat Ngamchalermsak, co-founder and director at Paperspace Asia, presented an overview of the redesign process for many notable clients, such as Philip Morris International and Group M. Sombat believes that office design tailored to a workplace’s rhythm and equipped with collaborative spaces, has the potential to transform a workplace’s culture for the better. His presentation was followed  by Daren Goh, Marketing Director for Southeast Asia at WeWork. Goh described how co-working spaces, like WeWork, are redefining workplaces by adding a sense of community and living into the professional life. He believes WeWork is answering to a demand set by young professionals who are looking for a sense of belonging in their workplace.

The breakfast culminated in a panel discussion, which was joined by Murali Mohan Kalvakalva, Senior Manager of Office Design at Philip Morris responsible for Philip Morris International’s office redesign project in Bangkok.

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