SME Committee: Dr. Stotz Talks Firm's Finance Management

On June 12, the SME Committee was delighted to welcome Dr. Andrew Stotz, co-founder and CEO of A. Stotz Investment Research and co-founder of CoffeeWORKS, where he advises in the capacity as its financial director. Guests and members gathered for an intimate dinner at Bourbon Street Restaurant and Oyster Bar, where Dr. Stotz gave an overview on how to create a financially sound and world-class company, regardless of size. While discussion on such a subject frequently relies on jargon, Dr. Stotz, as a financial advisor with experience advising new investors, gave the audience lessons in finance management  through terms and metaphors that are easily understood. A cornerstone of Dr. Stotz’s presentation is the World Class Business (WCB) metrics, a tool for measuring companies’ financial standing on a global scale developed by Dr. Stotz, allowing companies to expand their focus beyond domestic competition.

More information regarding Dr. Stotz can be found on his website at

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