Digital Economy Committee Briefed by U.S. Department of Commerce Representative on 5G

On June 13, AMCHAM Digital Economy Committee was honored to receive Cary Ingram, Senior International Trade Specialist from the U.S. Department of Commerce, to brief AMCHAM members on what 5G is and how the next generation of connectivity is being implemented around the world. Ingram visited the AMCHAM office during his stop in Thailand, which is one of many stops in Ingram’s tour in Asia.

Ingram described the multiple opportunities that 5G will enable but expressed reservation about 5G resulting in emergence of new “killer apps,” applications considered indispensable to a system’s function.

Nevertheless, he perceived the trend in 5G development to be quite promising as countries such as Canada, China, Australia, and South Korea, have been aggressively implementing 5G. Still yet, to ensure full implementation, governments and telecommunication corporations will have to overcome several challenges, such as competing standards, infrastructure development, as well as market challenges.

Besides having the opportunity to obtain firsthand perspective of how the U.S. plans to be on the cutting edge of 5G development, participants, consisting of leaders in pertinent industries, had the opportunity to voice their suggestions and concerns to a U.S. trade representative.

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