On May 16, the Food and Agri-Business Committee was delighted to welcome Maiprae Loyen, CEO of MTI-Solution and government advisor, at AMCHAM’s very own Citi Boardroom to speak on the sustainability of Thai natural rubber. During the meeting, Maiprae spoke to our members about the problem of uncertainty plaguing the Thai natural rubber industry due to unpredictable variables such as climate, soil condition, pests, and most importantly, the rubber selling price. This has contributed to a crippling debt-to-income ratio for rubber farmers, whose livelihoods depend on these unreliable factors. As an expert on the rubber industry, she believes that embracing the “data culture,” which involves global data aggregation, could help all parties involved in rubber production. Big data collection will allow producers, consumers, governments, banks, and factories to make better informed decisions and mitigate risks easily at their fingertips.

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