New Members Orientation: AMCHAM 101

New Member Orientation is one of the events that our new members should join, as it is an opportunity for us to connect with our new members formally and guide them all about the membership benefits so that they can make the most of it. We shared insights on how members can get involved with the international business community and introduced all new members to our committee leaders. Each of our 21- industry specific working committees are the engine of AMCHAM’s activities. Members can join us as a committee leader in order to develop programs or activities, invite speakers as well as engage with people from different walks of life.

Members are informed on upcoming events and play a key role in our story and guiding our efforts so that we can cultivate a robust environment for being the voice of American business in Thailand. As members you can help make significant impact in Thailand by participating in our events and programs, which are set in every month, depend on your interest. Members can find out all the events we have hosted in our website or via the email sent by us.

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