Consultative Meeting on the IPRs at the DIP

Consultative Meeting on the IPRs at the DIP

On April 25, a consultative meeting on the protection and enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) was held at the Department of Intellectual Property (DIP).

The objective was to strengthen dialogue and cooperation between IPRs owners, all stakeholders and Thai government agencies. Included in the briefing was the 20- Year Intellectual Property (IP) Roadmap, the establishment of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, as well as legislative development and accession to international agreements.

Enforcement was a large focus of the meeting as well. In the last year, 10.8 million items were seized from physical markets. For online markets, over 60,000 items were seized. The Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) has developed new software to help detect online pirated content and the DIP will be developing a copyright database to make this system more effective.

AMCHAM members as well as other stakeholders exchanged wide-ranging views on how to tackle the IP challenges at the policy and implementation level. Another consultative meeting will be held in August 2019.

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