Spotlight on AMCHAM: Kevin Windfield

Shining a light on AMCHAM's Leadership

Kevin Windfield, Manhattan Asset Management

Co-Chair, Sports Committee

Kevin Windfield in his element – on the green, raising money for charity!

The exact date he first came to Thailand is a bit blurry, but Kevin Windfield fell hard for Thailand and didn’t mind—at all—when he first started travelling to Bangkok regularly while working for a fixed income securities firm.

That was more than 25 years ago, and he went on to found a successful internet startup, and work for the Thai government and various European investment banks before opening his own company in 2006. In addition to serving the investment and insurance needs of expats, Windfield is an unforgettably jolly presence at AMCHAM holiday parties and sporting events.

How did you get involved in AMCHAM?

“My company was a member in the late 1990s, when AMCHAM was an old boy’s network controlled by 30 or 40 guys. Unless you knew someone who was connected, you never knew about anything—and then you’d get a fax about it! Things started changing in 2000, when committees started to form and you could actually meet people. I was an avid golfer, so I got involved in the Sports Committee.”

What’s the most rewarding thing about being a Committee Leader?

“Raising money for a worthy cause – the AMCHAM Thailand Foundation. My motto is ‘It’s all for the kids.’ There are a hundred golf tournaments you could play in every year, but this one helps provide Thai kids with a better future.”

What was your best AMCHAM moment?

“There have been a lot of epic nights. Jazz night at the Ambassador’s residence when it poured rain, a cruise on the Chao Phraya. I met George Bush when he was President – I even remember the exact date. And I met [professional baseball player] Johnny Damon and [professional basketball player] Chris Mullin. So many great days.”

What is the most valuable benefit of AMCHAM?

“When you volunteer or show up at events, you develop friendships and resources that make your life easier. I say I got this country hooked because if I have a problem, I can go to the CEO of a company, or buy a car through the AMCHAM Ford campaign—the AMCHAM Affinity Program is great, but a lot of people don’t use it!”

One fun thing: what’s your favorite vacation spot?

“Nong Khai, way up in the Northeast, across the Mekong River from Vientiane. There’s a boardwalk lined with quaint restaurants and guesthouses facing Laos—and a great golf course.”

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