Spotlight on AMCHAM: Anutra Sinchaipanich

Shining a light on AMCHAM's Leadership

Anutra Sinchaipanich, Caterpillar (Thailand) Ltd

Committee Leader, Trade & Investment Committee

While attending graduate school in Canada, Anutra Sinchaipanich found herself facing her first-ever snowstorm – and an early morning class. She gamely suited up in her new parka and made the long, cold trek to her university, only to find class canceled due to the storm. Her easygoing embrace of new challenges helped her navigate Manhattan during a 15-month work assignment in New York City in

2009, and she still looks forward to attending meetings in the U.S. a few times a year in her current role as Director of Government and Public Affairs at Caterpillar.

Does working for an American company provide any unique benefits or advantages?

“As a Thai person, I certainly feel I have had a rich experience working with global companies in four different industries, which has enabled me to develop critical thinking processes and ethical business practices, and my ability to handle business issues. I’ve also been fortunate to meet a talented and diverse group of professionals from different cultures — over the years several have become good friends, even though we now live thousands of miles apart.”

How did you get involved in AMCHAM?

“Caterpillar has been an AMCHAM member since 1984, but the company had just built two large manufacturing plants in Thailand when I first joined in 2012, and CAT machines made in Thailand have been exported to countries in nearly every region of the globe. I represent the company in the market when we meet with external stakeholders, including local government agencies and trade associations. In addition to co-chairing the Trade & Investment Committee, I also participate in the Customs & Excise Committee and the Auto Council.”

What’s the most rewarding thing about being a Committee Leader?

“Seeing progress happen. It can be as simple as organizing an event that brings together great speakers from academia and the business world that has a positive impact on the business community, or it can be as significant as seeing a piece of legislation or regulatory reform that you advocated for help improve the ease of doing business in Thailand.”

What is the most valuable benefit of AMCHAM to you personally? And to your company?

“For me, it’s the chance to meet and network with professionals with deep knowledge and expertise, which you can’t get from university classrooms or books. The company gains insights on new regulations and laws that impact business. We also get to engage with policy-makers and thought leaders in Thailand.”

One fun thing: What’s your favorite vacation spot in Thailand?

“Our getaway these days is Naka Yai Island, Phuket.”

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