AMCHAM is pleased to present Minor International as one of the candidates for the People's Choice Awards. Minor International has been promoting educational development at the Wat Sao Thong Kao School and creating a sustainable source of income to create long term impact through the Coffee Club's Teacher Bean Sprouts project. In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the ACE Recognition program, AMCHAM is pleased to introduce our People’s Choice Awards. We have invited our first ever group of ACE platinum Candidates - companies who will have earned the ACE  Recognition Status for 10 consecutive years - to submit their favorite CSR project irrespective of scale, budget or focus. Winners will be decided by general vote by AMCHAM members.

Minor International presents:
The Coffee Club's Teacher Bean Sprouts Project

The Coffee Club's Teacher Bean Sprouts Project is an ongoing effort to continuously promote educational development at Wat Sao Thong Kao School in a more sustainable way by generating income from growing in-school bean sprouts, in partnership with Minor’s nearby supplier, and supplying them to make ‘Pad Thai’ (stir fired rice noodle), and serve customers at The Coffee Club restaurants. The school's income is used for funding the salary of an English-speaking teacher, who is a critical factor to stimulate and increase students’ English skills. As a result, the average school’s O-Net English score has increased from 73.33% in 2017 to 78.75% in 2018 and Pad Thai sales at The Coffee Club stores have increased by 31% from 2017.

How Can I Vote for Minor International?

All AMCHAM representatives will receive a unique link to vote for candidates for People's Choice Awards. Member companies can now add up to 10 representatives for each company and therefore, up to 10 representatives from each company can now vote for their favorite People's Choice Awards candidate.

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