AMCHAM is pleased to present Citi Thailand as one of the candidates for the People's Choice Awards. Citi Thailand has been working with the local Thai community towards improving financial security through Community-Focused Financial Learning and Leadership Program. In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the ACE Recognition program, AMCHAM is pleased to introduce our People’s Choice Awards. We have invited our first ever group of ACE platinum Candidates - companies who will have earned the ACE  Recognition Status for 10 consecutive years - to submit their favorite CSR project irrespective of scale, budget or focus. Winners will be decided by general vote by AMCHAM members.


Citi Thailand presents:
Community- Focused Financial Learning and Leadership Program

Household debt is one of the biggest issues for economic growth in the Thailand. People tend to spend more than what they earn and not understand how to use credit wisely. They have had little to no exposure to good financial planning and the lack of group support to promote good savings habits.

Citi launched “Community-Focused Financial Learning and Leadership Program”, targeting 40 low-income communities in Bangkok and closer provinces. The project directly benefits 1,745 people.

Basic Finance Training is provided to community group members. They learn the five adapted modules on financial life skills. The curriculum is simple, easy to understand and uses life examples to demonstrate budgeting, borrowing and savings strategies that participants can easily relate to.

Another 100 community leaders will receive capacity building support in financial literacy, mentoring and counseling skills, as well as project design/management. Once trained, community leaders will use their newly developed skills to apply for project funding from various sources to continue project activities after the project concludes.

The outcome of the project showed those who have been trained, can reduce their debt, have some savings, and have a better life. 84% can pay loan on time increasing about 24% from the previous year.

How can I vote for Citi?

All AMCHAM representatives will receive a unique link to vote for candidates for the People's Choice Awards. Member companies can now add up to 10 representatives for each company and therefore, up to 10 representatives from each company can vote for their favorite People's Choice Awards candidates.

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