Thank you for registering to join an AMCHAM video conference!

Because of the large number of participants joining this conference, AMCHAM kindly requests attendees to follow the below guidelines for a more seamless experience:

  • Please mute your microphone before joining the meeting, and make sure that your camera is on.
  • Please use headphones to reduce noise from other applications on your computer.
  • We recommend connecting to the internet using an ethernet cable rather than WiFi if available
  • When you wish to speak, please unmute your microphone, and mute again after finishing to ensure the best sound quality for everyone in the meeting.

Tips for Adjusting your Experience Through Teams

Muting Microphones, Controlling your Camera and Other Settings. The function bar will pop up when you scroll your mouse over the screen. This is where you can:

  • mute/unmute your microphone
  • turn your camera on and off
  • access settings
  • access the chat (use this to submit questions during a presentation, or for tech support)
  • see the other participants

Advanced Setting Options

If you access your Settings, you can adjust your audio and microphone as well as camera.

Bonus: If you are accessing the meeting through a Microsoft Teams app (not a browser), you can also select the following features:

  • Blur my background
  • Turn on live captions

Unfortunately, those features are not available on the browser version.

Select Whom You See, and How You See Them  

  • You can ensure that a particular speaker (i.e. the main presenter) stays on your screen by using the "Pin" feature below. The "Pin" feature is only available if using the Teams application.
  • If their face is not displaying properly (which can happen if a participant is using a mobile), you can use the "Fit to Frame" feature to ensure that their whole face displays properly.